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    By Carrie McFadden
    Style, January • Febuary 2, 2012

    An array of smartphone ‘apps’ helps fitness buffs track performance, record calorie intake and stay motivated. Some apps even choose the soundtrack to sweat to.
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    Strength & Courage: exercises for breast cancer survivors


    “The Strengths & Courage, exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors, is really a must “watch” for all breast cancer survivors. The CD is not just an exercise video, but rather it is informative and inspirational tools that will make a breast cancer survivor really realize that she is not alone, and that there will be normalcy again.” – Marjorie Blackwell

    Contains exercises to help breast cancer survivors regain upper body strength and flexibility and improve posture, plus a section on aerobic conditioning. See their youtube video here: Regaining Your Strength & Courage After Breast Cancer Surgery. Strength and Courage now has a digital version of its exercise program.  Go to their website to find more information.


    A recent article in by Melinda Fulmer of the Los Angeles Times describes a number of exercise programs that you can do at home.

    Daily Burn is your at-home gym site.

    The site provides a number of different programs that you can stream onto your smart phone or tablet. Melinda Fulmer suggests that these programs aren’t for beginners or those with injuries.

    Fitnessglo and and Yogaglo

    Melinda Fulmer suggests that these streaming programs are good for all levels of fitness. The programs go from 5 to 45 minutes. Melinda suggests that Fitnessglo and Yogaglo are both good places for most people to start an exercise program.

    Other programs include:

    GaiamTV ( and BeFitin90 (,/user/

    Remember with any exercise program, be sure that you have checked with your doctor before beginning any program.

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