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    Seven Good Reasons to Exercise –

    By Holly A. Coxe, Senior Fitness Instructor, ACE Certified:

    1. Reduces the side effects of the treatment
    2. Improves range of motion in the area affected
    3. Helps maintain good cardiovascular fitness
    4. Helps reduce the risks of Lymphedema and osteoporosis
    5. Improves strength
    6. Helps maintain a healthy weight
    7. Has been proven to reduce the rate of recurrence for some cancers

    The Importance of Exercise for Survivorship

    Yale University research and program called The Connecticut Challenge presents the benefits of exercise for cancer survivors who might reduce their risk of recurrence by up to 50 percent in the videos below.

    Then, check out our referrals to exercise facilities and programs and at-home exercise programs custom designed for cancer survivors both during and post treatment.

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