How to Find a Support Group

  • In the Fall 2011 issue of Cure Magazine, there is some helpful information about how to find a support group for caregivers.

    Visit  (800-813-4673) or email

    Ask a social worker or cancer support person at your local cancer center or nearby hospital.

    Call the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

    A nonprofit advocacy organization, called the National Family Caregivers Association (, suggests asking the following questions before attending the first meeting:

    1. Who sponsors or runs the group?
    2. Who is the facilitator and what is his or her background and training?
    3. What is its organizing principle?
    4. What is the makeup of the group?
    5. Where and how often does it meet?
    6. What is expected of participants?
    7. Can participants just listen?
    8. What are the rules of confidentiality?

    The National Alliance for Caregiving has a number of educational programs;

    “Family Caregiving: It’s Not All Up to You” is accessible at

    “Share the Caring” is available at

    “Caring for the Caregiver” is offered by the National Cancer Institute (800-422-6237 or

    Survivorship Institute Maryland Support Groups

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