• New Resource for Survivors of Gyn Cancers

    New Resource for Survivors of Gyn Cancers

    July 26th, 2013 | Uncategorized | survivor | No Comments

    For those women who are survivors of gyn cancers, also known as “below the belt” cancers, you have a new resource at the Survivorship Institute. Bonnie Hudak is a survivor and active member with the Foundation for Women’s Cancer. I had the opportunity to talk with Bonnie at the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K race back […]

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  • It’s Summertime!

    It’s Summertime!

    June 22nd, 2013 | Exercise, Survivors | survivor | No Comments

    It’s the first day of summer. For some that means glee and for others it’s a sigh. Longer days of sunlight are my favorite. If you don’t find the beginning of summer inspiring because of the heat and humidity, try taking a walk early in the morning. You will be amazed how beautiful it is. […]

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  • Survivorship Celebration

    Survivorship Celebration

    June 15th, 2013 | Community Support | survivor | No Comments

    Sunday, June 2nd was National Cancer Survivors Day. I hope that many of you were able to participate in Survivorship Celebrations in your area. Greater Baltimore Medical Center had a wonderful afternoon filled with inspiring messages of hope. Jamie Costello of WMAR-TV/ABC2 spoke of his experience as a parent of a young cancer survivor. Malcolm […]

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  • Monday, May 6, 2013 is World Cancer Day

    Monday, May 6, 2013 is World Cancer Day

    May 6th, 2013 | Community Support | survivor | No Comments

    A lot of progress has been made in cancer care, but there is more to do to find the cause and cure. As survivors, we can help in that pursuit by donating our time and/or financial resources. This time of year there are many opportunities to participate. The American Cancer Society sponsors the Relay for […]

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  • On-The-Go Guides

    On-The-Go Guides

    April 17th, 2013 | Community Support, Exercise, Nutrition | survivor | No Comments

    On-The-Go Guides are something new that I just learned about from a dear friend. They are produced by, an organization whose focus is tailored to working women with a career. There is currently a set of three: Nutrition, Make-up, and Fitness. Each contains practical, time-efficient advice. The wonderful thing about these new guildes is […]

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