Healthy Goals for the Spring

  • Most of us think of New Years as the time to set goals for the year. Personally, I think spring time is a great time to set some new healthy goals. Winter is such a sedentary time. It is hard to get out and exercise or eat right when lounging on the sofa in front of a warm fire with a big bowl of chips is much more inviting than heading out into the cold.

    Okay…so now winter is behind us…dust off those sneakers…it’s time to try a new exercise program like 10,000 Steps to get you going. Or check out an exercise program at a nearby gym or YMCA. Getting back into shape can be a challenge because it takes work. Be kind to yourself. Pick a program that you can do easily and build from there. You want to be and feel successful, so don’t pick an exercise program that is too hard for you.

    When you go to the grocery store, remember to shop around the edges where the healthier food is located. Fill your cart with brightly colored vegetables and fruit. These fresh fruits and vegetables should fill up about 60% of your shopping cart. Putting brightly colored fruits and vegetables on your plate will chase those winter blues away.

    Setting healthy goals is about doing this, instead of that. So here is the challenge….what are you going to do “instead?” Instead of hanging out in front of the flat screen, what are you going to do? Instead of making mac ‘n cheese, what brightly colored vegetable will you cook instead?

    Be creative and enjoy spring!

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