Spring! Time to get outside and get moving!

  • It’s Spring!  The days are getting longer.  We now can get home from work in the daylight.  It is still dark in the morning, but that will be changing soon.  So let’s get out there.  Find a pair of good walking shoes or sneakers.  Has anyone tried the 10,000 Steps Program?  It is very simple.  All you need is a pedometer.  Strap it on and get walking.  Set a realistic goal for yourself and keeping adding steps. You will be amazed at how great you feel after a walk.  Grab a friend or neighbor.  A walk, even a short one to the mailbox or around the block, will renew your energy.  Enjoy looking at the new flowers popping up.  Listen to the birds.  Count the bunnies (our neighborhood has an abundance).  Enjoy life…..Enjoy Spring!

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